Why IMGHaste

IMGHaste can optimize automatically your images and speed up your web site. It is a multi-regional image processing service.
It provides intelligent real-time image optimizations, resizing, cropping and blazing fast delivery.
It has a built in a resilient/failover infrastrcture empowered by Cloudflare, BelugaCDN, Cloudfront, Amazon S3 & Backblaze serving in more than 500+ endpoints worldwide.

Whether you are serving a few thousands, millions or even billions images, you can easily integrate imghaste in a few minutes and start enjoying fast delivery speeds. All images will be automatically optimized and converted to WebP if browser supports it.

Companies around the world use imghaste to deliver their images on their websites and mobile apps allowing them speed up, improve image quality and speed their website, offload their web-servers from.

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