How IMGHaste works

MGHaste uses state of the art technology on image optimization process. Our approach and our service are very different than others' one. We use a technology called service worker. Let me explain you how it works.

Let us explain you how it works.

(Initially, the very first time you enable our service and once a month - every 30 days)

When a visitor of your website enters(visits) your website, your images and your static content (css, js and fonts) are been grabbed by our service worker before there are been rendered to your visitor browser. They are been sent to our service alongside with your visitor’s screen resolution, device pixel ratio (DPR), internet connection speed. There extra information is called client hints.

IMGHaste, knowing your visitor’s browser info and device specifications (client hints) optimizes your images following the next steps

  1. Resize images if required (based on screen resolution and device pixel ratio)
  2. Optimized images (image compression is automatically adjusted based on visitor’s internet connection speed*) and convert images to avif or webp, or progressive jpeg, or interlaced png (based on browser compatibility)
  3. Cache images to our CDN for 30 days. We have global coverage from more than 600 nodes around the globe. We use popular CDNs among them are CloudFlare, CloudFront (Amazon), and others.
  4. Deliver optimized images to your visitors, providing the best possible personalized image optimization solution to your visitor

(*) Based on internet connection of each individual visitor of your website, IMGHaste auto adjust image compression in order to make your website accessible in case of slow internet connection such as cases with poor signal on cellphones or slow 3g networks. In such a case a website is extremely slow, or even it doesn’t load at all. Therefore, in such a cases IMGHaste increases image compression on visitors with slow internet connections in order to overcome these cases and make your website load and function to the end user.

The whole process is taking place only the first time an image is been requested and a IMGHaste credit is spent for the whole process. All the next times, no matter the number of visitors and up to 30 days your images are been delivered directly from our fast CDN, (without using any more IMGHaste credits).

IMGHaste achieves to provide innovative and personalized image optimization services to each individual visitor of our website.

Moreover, IMGHaste doesn’t change your html code and doesn’t rewrite our images URLs. You image’ URLs are remained intact (no URL rewrite). In this way, when a search engine crawl your images, they will be found them to your own domain name. This means that they will count as your own content (on your own domain name) and you will get more ranking score (IMGHaste provides better SEO).

On the other hand, our approach, one issue that we have to mind is that our approach in undetectable by bots and websites performance measuring tools (GTMetrix, Google Insights, our own IMGHaste speed checker and all the others). Our approach is using a service worker which requires browser to be installed and run, therefore IMGHaste is undetectable by bots. They see only your original un-optimized images.

In order to check some of our feature you can enable IMGHaste URL rewrite by enabling “Bot Traffic” on our IMGHaste plugin.

To see and understand IMGHaste in action please check this article on how to measure IMGHaste performance.