How does your billing model work?

IMGHaste only charge users when an optimization request has been arrived to our servers. 1 credit is been required per optimization request. All optimized assets are been cached to our CDN for at least 30 days, and no more requests are been sent back to IMGHaste for that time period, no matter the number of visitors

Please mind that our service provides a personalized service. Images are been a) auto resized, auto converted and auto compressed based on Client Hints. The most important one is the visitors screen resolution (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and more). So an images might be exist in 3 versions based on its dimensions. Each version must be optimized and each version is been handled as a different image.

An image might be exist in one only version but it might be exist in multiple based on its original dimensions and each visitor screen resolution.

Moreover a version of an image is depending on the next factors (Client Hints)

  • visitors' screen resolution
  • visitors' screen device pixel ration DPR
  • visitors' browser compatibility (avif, webp, progressive jpeg, interlaced png)
  • visitors' internet connection speed

IMGHaste requires

1 credit = 1 request that arrives to IMGHaste (once per 30 days) for each version of image request

IMGHaste uses multi CDN across the globe with a caching hit ratio of 98%. We only charge for the requests we receive in our cluster (the 2% remaining). We don't charge for any further images served by our CDN edge servers.

For example, if you have 75.000 Image Optimization Credits available on your account, you can serve 25.000 master images in 3 different view port sizes. (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)