About our speed test

Speed test is an indication of a single web page from your website. It parses your website in real time and checks your images. It optimizes your images from your specific web page and reports back the optimized image. A report of each individual image is reported back and a overall report of the whole page.

More reduction can take place in real case scenarios by choosing to resize large images and the one that are used by mobile devices.

Speed test is using default settings. We believe all websites should apply. We believe, we make internet a better place for everyone. speed test is configured according to next configuration:

  • Image quality set to 85
  • Converting CMYK to sRGB
  • All images are converted to webp
  • Image metadata are always stripped out
  • Images for mobile devices are resized to a maximum width of 1125 (375x3) maintaining aspect ratio for retina 3 screens (iPhone X)

These are also the recommended settings (as of now) the optimal settings for your website.
Unless you have Super Quality needs, these should apply to you as well.

Check it out yourself.


Feel free to send us your before/after migration and we will be happy to create a case study for your efforts and publish it to our network.